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By *IRL* DFBHD TDM 18 Downloads Added 11/21/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Ice-Cream party
Today I present the Ice-Cream party!
A medium-sized map closed.
It has a tunnel with two roads, one going to a closed psp (no output) and the other goes to the center of the map where there are two hotels with PSP and the area above a PSP to the environment where you can add the roof and there are several caches to play.


By blake DFBHDTS TDM 26 Downloads Added 11/20/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Tactical | Dockyard
Tactical Maps are back again with creative design. Dockyard look map favorable for 10+ players and all classes (sniper, gunner & cqb).
Have fun with your friends in one of the best map designs

By blake DFBHDTS TDM 23 Downloads Added 11/19/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Highs n Lows
Get scared this haloween with this scary map ideal for 10+ players.
Look out for haunted souls in the map

By blake DFBHDTS TDM 21 Downloads Added 11/19/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Flash Point
Large maze like map with many rooms and creative designs :-)

By blake DFBHDTS TDM 22 Downloads Added 11/19/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Free Fall
Keep killing your friends in air in this map and have a really different gaming experience

By Blake DFBHDTS TDM 70 Downloads Added 11/18/2015 Updated 11/20/15 3 Comments PermaLink

The Eclipse
Custom Made buildings using containers by Blake of NM clan. The map doesn't lag even with so many objects placed.
Ideal for 10+ players with all classes (sniper, cqb, gunner).
Have fun in the map with your friends. ;-)

By flamerboy67664 JOTR CO-OP 132 Downloads Added 11/07/2015 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

AW2 - Operation Desert Haze
The leaders of the Al-Hashim terrorist group is meeting on a small town.
We have sent a sniper team but they got compromised on a rooftop of a building. A helicopter with the 1st leader is incoming. Fortunately, the stranded team has destroyed all communications and vehicles in the area. Destroy the leader on the helicopter first, or he may escape out. Then, jump out from the building and assault the town to find the 2nd leader. He is trapped and encircled. and our helicopters will make sure he won't escape. Your team (Delta Team 5) will assist the SEAL team on the roof. Delta Team 4 and 3 will take point around the city. Forge convoy will take have M163 tanks to protect your column.

By hunterz DF1 TKOTH 126 Downloads Added 10/17/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

DF1 NW TKOTH Fixed (5 maps)
NovaWorld TKOTH maps with fixed objects and respawns positions.

By hunterz DF1 CTF 118 Downloads Added 10/05/2015 Updated 10/17/15 Add Comment PermaLink

DF1 CTF Stocks Reversed + Disable Sand Lake
Ice Floes, Trench Lines, Beachhead and Blue River reversed.
Also disables Sand Lake.

By M@hdi MM DFBHDTS DM, TDM 162 Downloads Added 09/27/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

knife war by M@hdi MM
knife war best map for slit download it has 2 gun for defense enjoy ^0^^0^^0^^0^

By Coopwarrior‏ JOTR CO-OP 217 Downloads Added 09/22/2015 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

AW2 - Caribbean Pirates
Eliminate all weapon crates
Find intel documents
Sink cargo ship
Destroy supply trucks
Destroy communation towers
Reach final waypoint

By Coopwarrior‏ JOTR CO-OP 165 Downloads Added 09/22/2015 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

AW2 - Take Me Home
Find the notebook
Eliminate all weapon crates
Recover the laptop
Destroy communication towers
Destroy technicals
Eliminate commander
Reach the final waypoint

By Coopwarrior‏ JOTR CO-OP 174 Downloads Added 09/22/2015 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Advanced Warfare 2

AW2 - Sabotage
Map by coopwarriors
have fun
Visit www.coopwarriors.demon.nl

By mahdi95bk DFBHDTS TDM 163 Downloads Added 09/14/2015 Updated 09/15/15 2 Comments PermaLink

bang bang st by Mahdi MM
bang bang for 50 player with helicopter and tank come for gaming best map.download and injoy:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

By w9 DFBHDTS SP 233 Downloads Added 09/08/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Iron Cage:US Base
Oh,you know...just another boring day in the OFFiCE...

By w9 DFBHDTS SP 214 Downloads Added 08/30/2015 Updated 09/07/15 Add Comment PermaLink

Short mission.Very small map.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 431 Downloads Added 08/29/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation The Runer Part III: Blind Way
In the third part of the Operation The Runer campaign you must infiltrate rebel's compound and destroy all their ammunition in order to slow down their advancing. After that, capture a boat and rendezvous with Black Widow for extraction.

The rebels attacked a UN convoy and seized all their ammunition and supplies. Command wants you to infiltrate in the compound, destroy all ammo and then take command of an boat to make your way through LZ.

By luk108 DF2 SP 244 Downloads Added 08/24/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Bandit Pit
The local militia has started an illegal weapon commercialization, increasing the crime and violence in the country. Your job is to destroy the weapons crates at objective Vandal. Alpha and Charlie team will bring safe passes to the extraction point.

By MAJWIZ DFX2 SP 340 Downloads Added 08/23/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

night of the owl
Bravo Delta Force has been called in to aid in the removal
of this countries dictator.

We've been told of all the atrocities He has done to the people of this peaceful country.


By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 220 Downloads Added 08/21/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Superguns v2
This is an update of the original Superguns mission including wav files, new patrols and new decorations. More missions to coming....

A U-2 overflight has detected several SCUD Launchers in Northern Irak believe to contain nerve gas. Proceed and destroy this SCUDs before they can be used.

By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 215 Downloads Added 08/21/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation The Runer Part II: Checkmate
Capturing general Cruchev in the previous mission give us some important information. Few hours ago pro-russian rebel leader Yevgheny Zaitsev meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow and they are plan to invade the rest of Ukraine. Meanwhile, a train munition bound to Donetk has just left Moscow. Your mission is to take out the locomotive before it crosses the border.

By luk108 DF2 SP 227 Downloads Added 08/20/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Hidden Rat
Intelligence has identified the location of the enemy lieutenant, your job is to capture the lieutenant and escort him to the extraction point. Be careful compound is heavely patrolled, good luck.

By luk108 DF2 SP 263 Downloads Added 08/20/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Tallest Hit
The Talibans have set an observation post, keeping US forces from mobilizing in the area. Also there's a book inside the compound that has information about enemy activity in the region. Your job is to secure the OP and steal that book, good luck.

By luk108 DF2 SP 227 Downloads Added 08/15/2015 1 Comment PermaLink

The UN has delivered food and other resources to a small african village. The Militia of the region has taken control of this village, having access to the supplies. Your job is to keep the militia from stealing the UN supplies.

By MAJWIZ DFX2 SP 366 Downloads Added 07/31/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Bravo, Gen I.M. Rich has been making and selling high grade fuels to the rebels.
your mission is to go in and remove all his forces at any cost, we have lost to many ships and aircraft to this wanna-be leader. This has 3 versions easy, harder and god mode. have fun.