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Do you know there is now a fix for the DF1/DF2 lobbies? (Hint: Read the news)

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By nicolita_doru DF2 CO-OP 275 Downloads Add Comment
Operation The Runer Part III: Blind Way In the third part of the Operation The Runer campaign you must infiltrate rebel's compound and destroy all their ammunition in order to slow down their advancing. After that, capture a boat and rendezvous with Black Widow for extraction. The rebels attacked a UN convoy and seized all their ammunition and supplies. Command wants you to infiltr

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Posted 10/09/2015 by Scott Add Comment

Delta Force 1 Stats Thanks to a spark by our very own resident --BulletMagnet--, and with a little guidance along the way, DF1 now has it's very own stats tracker. This is my very first (of hopefully many) applications to help the Delta Force community grow. It tracks various stats in DF1 that have never been tracked before as far as I know. Thanks to the lobby fix, DF1 is growing. You can view game stats here: Delta Force 1 Stats. I'm going to be spending the next few weeks adding a ton more info to the stats page. Thanks to everyone for their support along the way

Posted 10/02/2015 by Scott 7 Comments

DF1 DAY (Sunday October 11) 1PM CST Don't forget to attend the "DF1 DAY" even every Sunday at 1PM CST. We usually play with a full server, and last week almost filled two. The game is growing thanks to the lobby fix and spreading of this news.

Facebook players page: http://bit.ly/groupdf

Posted 09/20/2015 by Scott 16 Comments

DF1 Sunday Event Success Another weekend, another success. Along with many games throughout the week, this Sunday we had a full server for hours. We played CTF and TKOTH for hours with 14+ people (16 a few times) in DF1. Guys, if you want some nostalgia and to play with people that really enjoy playing the game, join the DF1 Facebook page. They are very active and love to play. If you've never played DF1 (I never did until the last couple weeks) but loved DF2 or LW, you'll love DF1 just as much.


Posted 09/18/2015 by Scott 2 Comments

NovaHQ 24/7 DF1 Server This morning I added a 24/7 dedicated DF1 server on top of the DF2 server that's already been running for a couple weeks. They are hosted on a 100/50mb connection.

The game types will switch around and all I have for now on the DF1 server are stock maps. If you have any requests just let me know! Make sure you have a fully updated game, with the DF1 Lobby Fix. That's ALL you need to play.

Then you'll be able to join games directly through the lobby instead of messing around with IP's and pingers. If the server is empty, post where you're playing on the DF1 Facebook Page.

Posted 09/13/2015 by Scott 57 Comments

DF1/2 Lobby Fix Now Available Thanks to devilsclaw we can now all play DF1 and DF2 online using the NovaWorld lobbies once again. He has made a patch that allows the game to properly contact the NovaWorld servers that list the games.

Download the DF1 Patcher here: http://www.novahq.net/files.php?ID=541

Download the DF2 Patcher here: http://www.novahq.net/files.php?ID=540

More info to come. In the meantime, make sure to join the NovaHQ CTF server

Posted 08/20/2015 by Scott 4 Comments

NovaHQ 24/7 DF2 Server I have all these spare computers and nothing to do with them so I've put up a 24/7 DF2 server . It switches between game types but feel free to make requests. All you should need to join the game is a fully updated game along with the DF2 Lobby Fix. You should be able to click on the game in the lobby to join. If you can't, post here so someone can help.

If the server is empty join the DF2 group on Facebook and tell them where you're playing.

Posted 08/12/2015 by Scott 53 Comments

Nostalgia Oh man.. I have so many memories playing every single one of these maps in the NovaWorld stat servers for DFLW way back in the day. I found these linked to from one of my archived pages and had some major Nostalgia.

Nostalgia overload:

Posted 08/09/2015 by Scott 9 Comments

Change.org Petition to Save DF1/DF2 The DF1 and DF2 NovaWorld lobbies have been broken for a long time now. Someone started a Change.org petition to try and get NL to fix the game lobbies so that users can host and play on NovaWorld. I know online petitions do very little, but it might help if more people sign it. Looking around the net the last few days there are quite a few people still wanting to play the games online. Head over to Change.org to sign it if you're interested: https://www.change.org/p/novalogic-n...server-on-each

DF1/2 players: If there is anyway we can help, by hosting a stable lobby on NovaHQ let me know.

The Delta Force 1/2 Community needs some support from Novalogic.
We have ran for well over a decade with two passionate communities, formed by the oldest players and youngest people that admire the Delta Force essence.

We think that our community could get bigger and improved with a little support from the company that gave awesome moments to our lives, and one of our requests is the fixing of the 'joining system'/servers lobby.

Unblocking ports and even using the best VPN softwares forces us to face an unnatural situation that is very frustrating sometimes and discourages a lot of people to play again, learn the game or play for the first time.

The need is so that we can just start the game go to multiplayer then click join and the Novaworld join lobby actually shows the games we are hosting so people can join in and play also this would certainly make more people buy the game via Nova website / Steam we cannot Moderate steam forever without support.

There's thousand of players waiting to increase their hours inside the game, we are still alive just as much as BHD and other old games you have recently updated.

Posted 08/04/2015 by Scott 11 Comments

Happy 14th Birthday to us! Well, another year, another happy birthday! Today Novahq.net is officially 14 years old. And for our 14th birthday, I present to you a completely updated website . The old version was extremely dated code and design wise, and parts of it no longer worked with the newer PHP versions that I require for my other projects. It was either get rid of the website, or re-code it from scratch. Well, as long as I’m around this site will remain running. I know it’s not a very popular game series anymore, but this site will live on for the few dedicated that play NovaLogic games.

Pretty much all the features that have made this site what it is have been re-built from scratch, with many of them enhanced. The map, file, mod, guide, link etc., submission process is much easier. So is viewing and updating your own submitted content. Just use the menus at the top to submit or modify your content. Because of spammers, you are now required to login to comment on anything. Hopefully the new system will reduce the hateful comments and reduce spam.

I tried to retain the basic themes from the previous generation site as I know many of you had set your preferred theme for viewing the site. You can change the theme at any time, logged in or not from the top right menu bar. Hopefully this re-design and re-code will help keep this site running for another decade. If anyone has ANY trouble at all with adding, viewing or downloading content please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


<-RIP Novahq.net (~2004-2015)

Posted 12/23/2014 by Scott 8 Comments

Another year, another Merry Christmas. We're still here, approving maps and answering questions. We're still not going anywhere!

Merry Christmas - Novahq.net Staff